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By | February 19, 2018

Receive Cross-border payments

Payoneer lets you receive cross-border payments & get paid by International Marketplaces in the World.

Withdraw payments Using ATM

Payoneer has very incredible way to withdraw your hard-earned money through different ways such as you can withdraw your money using any MasterCard supported ATM globally.

competitive fee & Charges

Payoneer charges a very competitive fee for each transaction you make either receive cross-border payments, withdraw to Bank Account or through ATM, Their fee is very competitive.

get Payments In multiple Currencies

Payoneer lets you receive cross-border payments in multiple currencies into your multi-currency accounts.

Payoneer Fees & Charges

Even though, Payoneer is a company that offers a  cost-effective way to get paid by Global Clients & International Marketplaces but you will be charged for every transaction you make. So here we’re going to share with you their Fee structure below.


Frequently asked questions

Being a Blogger, An Affiliate Marketer, Web Developer, etc, we need to receive payments from companies & clients around the world and to make payments to theme, too. That’s where Payoneer comes in.

Payoneer offers an easy & cost-effective way to use to get paid by those International Companies/Marketplaces & receive Cross-border payments from Clients.

In return, we can also make online purchases & send payments to other users & customers.

Registering & creating an Account with Payoneer is totally for free no matter for how long you keep your account with them but they will do charge you for each transaction you make such as you send or receive payments. Even though, some of the transactions you make through Payoneer will be totally for Free such as if you receive payments from other Payoneer customers to your own Payoneer account then there would be no fees on such transaction.

Payoneer is a legit & safe company with over 2 million international customers & thousands of International Marketplaces are partnered with it.

I personally have been using Payoneer for receiving & sending my payments and there is no issue I faced with the Company.

You might know PayPal one of the leading payment processor companies that works the same as Payoneer but we can say that more advanced than Payoneer but to some extends only.

When it comes to Freelancers & such businesses, Payoneer is a must-have solution.

Payoneer is probably the most closed Alternative to PayPal.

Payoneer works in more than 200 countries and accepts probably more than 150+ currencies. Check here a complete Countries List.

Payoneer is a great company that has been partnered with thousands of companies & marketplaces around the Globe in which Freelance Companies included as well.

If you are a Freelancer and want to receive & send payments, Payoneer is a must-have company for you that offers a cost-effective way to send & get paid by companies & clients.

Payoneer requires the following things you must-have before you create an account with Payoneer.

  • You must be 18 Years old.
  • You must be from a country where Payoneer works.
  • You must have your country NIC, Driving License or Passport.
  • You must have a Local Bank Account.

Payoneer lets you connect & link your Local Bank Account with your Payoneer account and send your Payoneer payments & balance right to your local bank account with no-hassle.

Payoneer lets you withdraw money from your account through ATM (charges fee) & make online & in store purchases totally for free.

Have any further FAQ about Payoneer, Make sure to check this Payoneer FAQs Page.

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If you don’t know how to apply for Payoneer Account, make sure to read our Payoneer Sign UP Step by Step Guide.


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