Payoneer Fees & Charges TABLE [Updated 2018]

By | January 9, 2018

Payoneer has various methods of withdrawing & funding methods for which there are various charges & fees, as well. If you’re new to Payoneer or you wanna know about Payoneer fees then you’re here in the right place. We’re going to take you through the following fees table that will help you understand their Charges & Fees cycle.

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In the below table, you will learn how much fees will be charged for each transaction you make and how much you will have to pay for payment transfer.

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCardFeesDescription
Card Annual Activation$29.95Payoneer issues a Prepaid Debit MasterCard which will charge you each year & you can use that card at any MasterCard supported ATMs for withdrawing your money or paying for anything in Stores.
Card Replacement$12.95If your card is lost, stolen or expired. Payoneer will charge you separate card replacement fee.
Online or In Stores Purchases$0.00 (Free)Either you shop online or in stores, it's free of cost with MasterCard.
ATM Withdrawal$3.15Each time you withdraw your money from your MasterCard using any ATMs, Payoneer will charge you the listed amount & another fee from the bank side is set by the bank or the ATM owner.
ATM Decline$1ATM Decline fee is $1.
ATM Balance Inquiry$1Payoneer charges $1 for each balance inquiry.

In the below table, you can learn how much you will have to pay to Payoneer if you make any payment worldwide or any of your clients or anyone else make payment to you.

Payment TypesFeesDescription
Global Payment Service1%Please note that Payoneer gives you a unique Global Payment Service details so you can use it to receive funds from anywhere in the world free of cost but if you're funding your account in USD, then you'll have to pay 1%
Direct Payments From CustomersUp to 3%If you request a payment from any of your clients directly from your Payoneer account through request a payment then there are three types of ways your client can use to pay to you. 1 is free (If your client is already Payoneer account holder & pays you from his Payoneer account) & two ways are paid.
If your client pay you using Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa Card etc) then the fee will be 3% while if he chooses to pay you using eCheck(USD) then the fee will be 1%.
Payments From Affiliate Networks, Marketplaces, Ad Networks etc.Fee is set by each Marketplace.If you're receiving payments from any marketplaces then there is no accurate fee to be discussed either here or at Payoneer official site. The fee for Marketplaces are set by each Marketplace.
Make A PaymentFreeYou can make payment directly to your clients worldwide even free of cost, as well as you can get paid by them. Your client must have a Payoneer account otherwise he will get an invitation about your Money & when his/her account is verified by Payoneer, you'll get a quick notification whether you confirm the payment or not. If you confirm the payment then he'll receive it otherwise it'll be cancelled.

Also note, each time you receive payments from any online marketplaces such as Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks or any other marketplace, you will be charged $2 for the normal transaction within 2 days by Payoneer while if you choose the Immediate Transfer, you will be charged $5 which the money will be transferred to your account within 2 hours.

We have tried our best to help you better understand the tables. If we forgot anything or there is anything else that needs to be included then please comment it so we can make changes to it in the next update.

Also, if you have any question, ask on our forum.

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27 thoughts on “Payoneer Fees & Charges TABLE [Updated 2018]


    HI Team
    A very nice article ever had. Keep on good work. Love to read your articles. Keep on post.
    Great Job

  2. Abel

    I live in the Dominican Republic, i want to know if i use my card in local stores what is the conversion rate from dollars because we use dominican pesos. Is better to withdraw the money in an atm or using the money directly as a card is a better option knowing we dont pay in dollars in my country. (i tried withdrawing a payment and the bank charged me around 18 dollars for a 135 us dollars payment


    Aslamu U Alaikum!
    CALL ME : 03413613758
    E-MAIL :

    1. Alex Post author

      Hello @MUHAMMAD,
      Did you sign up for Payoneer using our deal link? Did you create an account with Payoneer & was it confirmed by Payoneer sending you a confirmation email? If your account is confirmed & you have signed up using our bonus link then soon your will receive Payoneer MasterCard on the address you have provided just after 20 to 40 days after applying for an account.

      Upon receiving a payment to your Payoneer account, you will also earn $25 to $50 bonus if you have signed up using our bonus link.

      You can also withdraw as much as you can using Payoneer to Bank Transfer method. MasterCard withdrawal limit per transaction is I think $220. You can make multiple transactions at the same time.

      Let me know if you have any other question.


  4. Anastasia

    Dear Payoneer,

    Is it possible to transfer money from the Payoneer Card to a bank account?
    Is there a $ limit for bank account transfers? Are there any fees?

    Thank you!

    1. Alex Post author

      Hello @Anastasia,
      Yes, you can transfer money from your Payoneer Card to your local bank Account.
      If you transfer money from Payoneer to your local bank account in same currency then you will be charged $1.5 ONLY such as USD to USD or EUR to EUR etc.
      However, if you transfer money in different currency then you will be charged up to 2% of your total payment you transfer.

      Hope this clarifies.
      Let me know if you have any further question.

      1. Anastasia

        Dear Alex,

        Thank you!
        And is there a limit to the total amount that can be transferred in one operation to the bank account?

        1. Alex Post author

          No, there is no specified limit but while withdrawing & transferring payments, you will definitely see the limit amount there and if you don’t see at the time of transferring payments, then that means you can transfer the amount you choose.

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  6. Anastasia

    Dear Alex,

    And one more question: does this account have to be mine (under the same name as my Payoneer card) or it can be an account of a relative or friend?

  7. Daniel

    Please,am in Ghana and I have my payoneer card with me but i want to know if am to receive a payment from a friend in US through a bank transfer to my payoneer account, would it affect my account and can i also withdraw the funds?

  8. Irfan ahmed

    Hi Alex,
    You seem quite informative, two quick questions i have.
    1. If we have linked a local bank account with payoneer, would that be only bank to get the money from or we can use any atm.
    2. Can we get the money in dollars in pakistan.

    1. Alex Post author

      Thanks @Irfan for commenting!
      Here are answers to your questions.
      1. Payoneer lets you withdraw your funds right to your local bank account as well as using ATM using the Card you will receive for your Payoneer Account. [If you have received the fund into your local bank account then you can also use your local bank account ATM Card to withdraw those funds]

      2. No, each time you withdraw money, it will be in the respective currency such as in Pakistan, it will be in PKR, In UAE, it will be in AED, In USA, it will be in Dollars etc.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further question.

  9. Adrian

    Hi Alex,

    I am a newbie here and your replies have been very informative. Thanks for the sharing so far. Can I ask you a few questions:

    1) I recently received and activated my Payoneer Debit Mastercard and I noticed there is a USD2.82 automatic load to debit card charges for USD 320. So I assume this is the standard rate by %? How do I disable the automatic load to debit card?

    2) There are also two very steep charges for two payments made to me ” Online Payment fee Payment.” The first one I was charged USD20.09 for a payment of USD669.63 and the second I was charged USD14.60 for a payment of USD486.69. So what’s going on?

    Looking forward to your advise. Thanks.


    1. Alex Post author

      Hello @Adrian,

      Thank you for commenting on
      Each time you receive payments from marketplaces & international clients in the US Dollars (USD), your funds are automatically transferred to your Payoneer Account which you can use that fund to make online purchases, withdraw to your local bank account & make an ATM Withdrawal, too. [You can get paid in other currencies as well including Euro, Japan etc)

      The second question you asked was how much I will be charged for each payment that I receive? So here’s the answer to your question.

      While receiving funds & money from Marketplaces like Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks, Freelance Sites & other sites, you will be charged $2 for each transaction (takes 2 days) & $5 if you want to make the transaction within 2 hours which is also called as Immediate Loan.

      If you receive payments from other Payoneer Customers then there is no fee on both sides.

      If you fund your account from Local Bank Accounts in the US, Japan etc (using Global Payment Service) then you will be charged 1% of that money such as if you fund your account of $100 from a US Bank Account using the Global Payment Service then you will be charged only $1 for that one transaction.

      Hopefully, these answers helpful to you. If still, you have any question, let me know by replying here.

      1. Adrian

        HI Alex,
        Thanks for the prompt reply. If I understand this correctly on the 1% charge then for my USD669.63 payment I should be charged with USD6.70 instead of USD20.09 and my second payment of USD486.69 should be charged USD4.87 instead of USD14.60?

        This is what I am struggling to understand.


        1. Alex Post author

          Hello @Adrian,
          According to Payoneer Official Fee Structure, a user is charged only 1% but if you have been really charged more than 1% as a fee, get in touch with Payoneer through their official support email /live chatting [Using their Support forum is useless].

          Thanks for Being Here=>

  10. hinan

    hi … i am not new to payoneer but i did not used my account almost 5 years .. thinking about using ur service.
    i have few question. the company who provided me card is long gone so
    1- how can i deposit funds in my payoneer account?
    2- can i deposit through my bank account … if yes ? what are the fees ?

    1. Alex Post author

      Hello @Hinan,
      Thank you for leaving a comment on
      There are many ways you can use to fund your Payoneer Account.
      1. You Receive Cross-Border payments from Clients & online Marketplaces such as Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks, Freelance Sites etc.
      2. You can fund your account directly from US Banks, Euro Banks etc. [Check your Global Payment Service].
      3. You can request payments from other Payoneer Customers to fund your Payoneer Account.


      1. Alex Post author

        And, you cannot use your Local Banks to fund your Payoneer Account except the available banks listed in your Global Payment Service feature.

  11. Ricardo Sandez

    Hey! So if I buy, for example, airplane tickets worth 750$ online Payoneer won’t charge any fees for this transaction, right?

    1. Alex Post author

      Online purchases in $ (Dollar), Euro & GBP are free of cost and you won’t be charged for the transaction, however, if your transaction needs currency exchange from the above-mentioned currencies into other currencies, then you will be charged up to 3.5%.

  12. Maaz ali

    Hi Alex, The article is really very much Informative, I really want to know only One thing Currently I’m in Greece until next Saturday Should I order my Payoneer MasterCard if they can ship me in very limited days ? And the other question is Do I have to pay for the card ? While Revive ng the card ?

    Maaz ali

    1. Alex Post author

      Hello, Maaz Ali,
      Thanks for commenting on!

      You can apply & register with Payoneer right from that country but receiving a Card takes 20 to 40 days or around that so the bottom line of the answer would be You cannot receive the Card within such limited days.

      You will be charged by Payoneer $29.95 for a year for using & activating their Card with your Account.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further question!


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